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Indian Aussies
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Star India launches channel for specialist Hindi films
We are an international Film Production, Film Consultancy and Casting company based out of Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia. With a team of highly trained professionals whose wide repertoire of international credits bear testimony to their skills, we take pride in having created a film friendly abode that attempts to make, nurture and support good cinema for a global audience.

As the world becomes global, cinema gains even more relevance as the universal language of culture, blurring boundaries, interweaving stories and straddling differences with equal panache.

Positive intentions, creative synergies, professional outlook, engaging stories, purity of efforts, passion for cinema, education of cinema, respect for other professional members of this film community, energetic ambitions……some of the essentials for this long journey of a film from the paper to the screen. It is not just about destination but also about journey . And that journey begins at TEMPLE - the benevolent place of worshipping cinema.
TEMPLE MD appointed as an Australia Day Ambassador again.
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